BOX (2015)

Sometimes it is easy to love and to be loved. Sometimes you have to fight for what you think you deserve and, in spite of the things that separate you from the person who made your heart beat faster, you make a decisive step towards him. RAFAEL (19) and CRISTINA (34) are two people who are trying to find in each other’s arms the happiness that the rest of the world refuses them. (Released)


DOG (2017)

People never loose their need to love, not even when they have stopped seeking meaning in their relationship with the others. An unusually lonely man ends up loving a woman. She turns his world upside down and makes him enjoy, with violence, despair and anger, the fact that he is alive. A movie about love, first part of the Balkan Trilogy. (In production)


THE DEER (2017)

What makes a policeman who should protect those around him loose control and hurt them? Florin (36) is a man whose universe is centered around a woman. When she disappoints him, impulses that no one suspects him having, emerge. Căprioara is a story about love, adultery and the madness this feeling triggers. (In development)



Water, silences and reed. A fisherman in his 50’s brings a fish to a woman. The two barely change few words. The fisherman shares a smoke with the husband and leaves. A boy and a girl playing. Forest, silences, glances. When she moves away, the boy closes his eyes and whispers in a broken radio: “I love you”. He clenches his eyelids. 40 years later, the fisherman is at a bus station. He closes his eyes. Clenches his eyelids. And doesn’t say a thing. (Released)