• How was it for you to play in a new context with Valeriu Andriuță, what challenges did this role bring to you? 

I like playing with Valeriu Andriuță. He is a very committed actor who invests a lot in his characters. I rely a lot upon my partners, and this time it meant even more that I had him near. It is a movie with a few characters and that increased the responsibility for both of us. There were moments that were hard to take because the scheme that Florin proposed was not a simple one and this put me and Valeriu to a test. We didn’t always agree. I think it is important to have solid positions from the actors, even if they are different, that can finally lead to something that is really born from people meeting.

  • Does Irina’s story send a wider message concerning the roles of the woman in the couple? Which would be Irina’s 3 qualities?   

Not necessarily. There are a lot of questions that remain from her story and it is better this way. Irina is far from being a standard exponent. She decides differently and abruptly. I searched a lit in her motivations because I was attracted by her stubborness, her impulsivity and her selfishness. These can be qualities. 

  • How did you prepare for Irina’s role, how do you generally study for your roles?  

I searched inside people who don’t align to a logical thinking pattern. I needed to understand her actions and not have thought flaws. There can never be the same process through which I searched other characters. I think that the space in which the two characters interact was also very important here. It is an essential part in the movie, this fingertip left by nature on the human being and not the other way around. Even if for Irina, the story starts maybe from a rebellion, pushes her in some introspection areas that are worth the effort.

  • What do you like the most about this movie? 

The fact that it is the story of some individualities that are in an open conflict with their own reasons. For me it is a place that actually barely recalls the human being.